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A.N. 79 works in partnership with luxury brands to develop hybrid products that bring together the best of their craftsmanship with our expertise in precious metal technology. We offer a turnkey solution for our partners - we co-create the vision for the products, we help design and make them and retail them to the consumer via our unique digital retail application that befits the bespoke and innovative products we develop.


A.N. 79 brings to the table the expertise of its three founding partners who are all seasoned international executives. With

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nearly 40 years combined experience in the financial, investment planning, consumer research, luxury category product innovation, luxury design, luxury manufacturing, brand strategy and global marketing worlds.


Our partnerships involve a high level of collaboration and avante-garde creative vision. We provide expert consumer insight and brand strategy. We take the time to understand brand DNA to create products that truly incite desire in consumers, that can be executed perfectly and prove to be highly successful commercially.



We actively work with the newest metal smithing technology and are eager to actively work with brand partners to co-create products and collections, that are the face of the future. We believe in creative and strategic collaborations that result in products that affect and inspire. If it doesn't affect nor inspire, it's just pollution.